Five Finger Fillet | Kitchen and office collection

Five Finger Fillet | Kitchen and office collection

The five finger fillet (also known as the knife game) is a game that we have all seen many times in movies as a test of courage for comrades, fighters or daredevils. It consists of placing a hand on a flat surface, with the palm underneath and the fingers open, and using the other hand to strike the gaps between the fingers with a sharp object (usually a knife) in a rapid sequence and constantly getting faster, respecting a precise order.
This dangerous game inspired a collection of objects with the same name that Raffaele Iannello then gave different uses to for the kitchen and the office. All the products are characterized by the presence of a tapered and sensual, stylized hand in chrome, resting on an iconic wood block (created in ABS plastic) available in different colors. This line includes a set of five kitchen knives, a set of six steak knives and a set of five pens. Both the knives and pens are in inox steel. The design of the pens copies the handle of the knives.


We would like to inform our customers that all the “Five Finger Fillet” product line currently sold online and offline are not authorized by the design rights holder and therefore should be considered COUNTERFEITS. These products, which are very poor quality, are also very dangerous for your health.

Please note that the websites, and are not in any way affiliated with the designer Raffaele Iannello, even if his name and logo are on the pages. Legal proceedings are underway to end these violations. Please do not purchase products from these websites for any reason.

The counterfeit products indicated above are also available on major online stores such as Amazon, eBay, Overstock, Bed Bath & Beyond, etc. therefore please do not purchase any Raffaele Iannello brand products from these websites because they are unauthorized and FAKE products.

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