Voodoo/TheEX | Kitchen and office collection

Voodoo/TheEX | Kitchen and office collection

The “Voodoo” knife set (distributed as “The Ex” in North America and Canada), presented as a prototype in 2003 and arrived in the market in 2005, in 2015 underwent a substantial restyling which improved both the aesthetics and the functionality. It has numerous new characteristics, including a heavier base which adds stability to the product and new tapered covers, which tightly fit the blades and are perfectly transparent to appear almost invisible. With the release of this second edition, new products belonging to the same line were unveiled. A set of six pens in aluminum with holder (equipped with trays for storing small objects that are normally found on a desk such as staples, erasers, rubber bands, etc.) is already a best seller. Just like the skewer set in inox steel which has a base and a removable tray (for olives, potato chips, fruit, cheese, etc.). In occasion of the last Milan Design Week, the collection further grew introducing new products which already had received attention. The new toothpick holder set (which includes salt and pepper shakers) was very appreciated. Visitors also liked the new scissors (designed to be used in both the kitchen and the office). Closed they look like a dagger and are perfect for piercing the poor stylized man. The scissor set has the same holder as the pen but the two men are depicted in different positions. They are both falling backwards, as if the last object inserted was the fatal blow, but the position of the arms and of the heads are different. This is so the two sets, similar but different, can be displayed together on the same desk in a harmonious combination.


We would like to inform our customers that all the “Voodoo” and “The EX” product lines currently sold online and offline are not authorized by the design rights holder and therefore should be considered COUNTERFEITS. These products, which are very poor quality, are also very dangerous for your health.

Please note that the websites ricsb.com, theexknife.com and gettheex.com are not in any way affiliated with the designer Raffaele Iannello, even if his name and logo are on the pages. Legal proceedings are underway to end these violations. Please do not purchase products from these websites for any reason.

The counterfeit products indicated above are also available on major online stores such as Amazon, eBay, Overstock, Bed Bath & Beyond, etc. therefore please do not purchase any Raffaele Iannello brand products from these websites because they are unauthorized and FAKE products.

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