Raffaele Iannello was born in Catania in 1974. He grew up in Vibo Valentia and now lives in Milan, where he founded his creative studio that is mainly involved in industrial design and in visual communication. The studio has several collaborators in Italy, United States and Asia.
Since his childhood he has always been fascinated by the shape of objects and their internal mechanisms; so, realizing that his first passion could also in reality become a job, after high school he decided to study Industrial Design in the Architecture Department of Milan Polytechnic University. Just before finishing his studies he took the chance to invest in different job opportunities ranging over several design fields (product design, interior design, press and pre-press, web and multimedia).
He currently designs objects, home furnishings and graphic projects for different companies all over the world. Among his most famous products there is without a doubt the Voodoo/TheEX knife set, sold all over the world after having been on display in contemporary art museums, being published in hundreds of magazines and having appeared in numerous film productions.
In past he has worked as creative director for leading new-media agencies, with which he won numerous awards for having created the official online brand identity of famous international brands (Bulgari, Pioneer, Chicco and others). He has also collaborated with different publishing houses both as art director and as editor (e.g. for ten years he’s curated the DDN Guide magazine).
Up to now, he has designed robots for the moon, electronic gadgets, lighting devices, kitchen tools, bathroom products, chairs, sofas, beds, motorcycle helmets, bags, jewelry, ceramics, tradeshow stands, artistic installations, websites, logos, magazine covers, posters, t-shirts and much more.

His brands

Raffaele Iannello Limited Editions® is the brand with which he signs his self-produced collections. They are often very exclusive handmade productions which require a lot of experience and manual ability to be created. Sometimes they are real and true industrial productions, but which use technology that is so advanced and costly that they are not adapt for large series. These limited series are generally sold in concept stores or art galleries. The Airplane Shambles, Magic Mirror and Upside Down collections are commercialized by this brand.

Raffaele Iannello Originals® is the fruit of his collaboration with several partners that have years of experience in creating upper end products. A series of objects which are decidedly over the top, and certainly do not go unnoticed, are produced and distributed all over the world with this brand. They are sold on the most important online stores or in furniture, interior design and gift stores. The Voodoo/TheEx, William, Five Finger Fillet, XXXitchen and Pinocchio collections are commercialized by this brand.

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