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Airplane Shambles - Chandelier

Airplane Shambles - Chandelier

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Imagine being in the middle of a paper airplane battle and being able to freeze time for a moment. You would find yourself observing from different angles a multitude of flying objects whose trajectories intersect above your head. This assumption gave birth to this collection of ceiling lamps in a limited series, designed by Raffaele Iannello and handcrafted in Italy with first-rate components. Low voltage halogen lamps (whose invisible transformers are integrated into the holding up structure) spread a multitude of airplanes which look like paper airplanes but, in reality, they are made of anti-spot stainless steel sheets, laser cut and then folded by hand. Each individual component part of these lighting devices (or better, lighting sculptures) is produced with avant-garde techniques, although the components are assembled with exquisite handmade methods and thorough care of each detail. Nothing is left to chance, every aspect of these products was thought to satisfy demanding and exclusive customers, who love to be surrounded by unique pieces bound to increase in value.

Chandelier with nine light points and twenty-one steel airplanes in A4 format, supported by nylon threads fixed to a 120 cm diameter steel disc. The product is available in three versions: with airplanes in a metallic finish, with airplanes in blue color and with airplanes in assorted colours. If placed in the right environment, the scenographic impact of this chandelier is truly remarkable.

Materials: stainless steel structure, stainless steel planes with PVD treatment, nylon wires, electrical components in various materials

Dimensions: height 150 cm (59 inches), width 120 cm (47.24 inches), depth 120 cm (47.24 inches)

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