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Magic Mirror - Mirrors

Magic Mirror - Mirrors

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If in the fairy tale of Snow White the words spoken by the talking mirror arouse the wrath of the wicked witch, in reality the exact opposite happens. The experience of looking through the Magic Mirrors designed by Raffaele Iannello above all evokes a feeling of amazement and joy. In these mirrors one's face appears framed in a playful and ironic way, triggering an immediate spontaneous smile in those who reflect on it. In the male version of these mirrors we are portrayed with large ears like an unrepentant donkey, while in the female version with showy ears like a a sexy bunny.

To emphasize the concept there are also some sentences silk-screened in correspondence with the mouth, as if to suggest that the mirror is pronouncing them (when in reality it is only suggesting that you read them aloud, in order to elicit a big laugh). These phrases are a parody of the famous phrase in the fairy tale that the witch addresses to the mirror. On the male version it says: "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who in the land is the fairest jackass of all?" and the words are arranged to form the shape of a donkey's mouth. On the female version it says: "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who in the land is the naughtiest of all?" and the words are arranged to form the outline of a woman's lips.

These products have been designed for both domestic and commercial use. They are safe as they are made of tempered crystal, so any breakage would not pose a danger as the pieces would not be sharp. They are fixed to the wall using the included aluminum holder on the back. Handmade in Italy thanks to the most advanced technologies and with cutting-edge know-how. More than ten superimposed layers of metallic or pearlescent paints, crystallized at high temperatures, give the Magic Mirrors an iridescent luminosity and surprising chromatic effects.

Both mirrors are available in 2 different color combinations: silver and white or blue and yellow for the male version and silver and white or fuchsia and yellow for the female one. Each of these 4 variants is then available with the sentence in Italian or in English.

Materials: tempered crystal mirror, aluminum back holder

Dimensions: height 70 cm (27.55 inches), width 50 cm (19.68 inches), depth 2 cm (0.78 inches)

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