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Voodoo/TheEx "Anniversary Edition" Knife Set - Spare Knives

Voodoo/TheEx "Anniversary Edition" Knife Set - Spare Knives

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Choose whether to order just one or all five knives.

High quality mirror polished stainless steel kitchen knives. They have an ergonomic handle with a three-dimensional decoration that improves grip and makes them less slippery when used with wet hands. The shape of the blades has been studied to make the knives balanced and precise in use. The superior quality of stainless steel in which they are forged makes them very sharp and at the same time very resistant.

Starting from top to bottom, here's what each knife is for:

- the no. 1 is the peeling knife;
- the no. 2 is the chef's knife;
- the no. 3 is the bread knife;
- the no. 4 is the carving knife;
- the no. 5 is the utility knife.

Attention! These knives are only compatible with the 2023 Voodoo/TheEx sets, they cannot be used on models produced from 2005 to 2014.

Depending on your needs, you can buy a single knife or all five knives.

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