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Voodoo/TheEx "Classic Edition" Knife Set - Green Translucent Plastic Holder

Voodoo/TheEx "Classic Edition" Knife Set - Green Translucent Plastic Holder

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The famous Voodoo/TheEx knife set is back! Order it now and you will be among the first to receive it in a few months. Your contribution is essential to finance its production, don't wait!

This renowned product, first introduced by Raffaele Iannello in 2003, has returned to the market in 2023 after years of absence due to the fight against counterfeits. The celebratory 20th-anniversary version, completely redesigned and improved in every aspect, is now available in the iconic Classic Edition and the brand-new Anniversary Edition.

The new Classic Edition version looks very similar to the previous version of the set that everyone knows, but in reality every single aspect of the product has been redesigned and improved. The holder in the shape of a stylized human figure is still in plastic, but is now made with much more attention to the choice of materials, their finishes and the couplings of the various parts. The base always has the classic circular shape and symbolically represents a patch of blood which, flowing along the body and reaching the feet, becomes three-dimensional and acts as a support for the whole set. Although the base has the same dimensions as the previous model, it is now decidedly heavier, in order to give greater stability to the entire block and allow it to be used with one hand: the knives can be removed or inserted without having to hold the support with the other hand as was the case in the past.

The five stainless steel knives have been redesigned from scratch: their handle is now more ergonomic and features a three-dimensional decoration that improves their grip and makes them less slippery when used with wet hands. The shape of the blades has also been modified, to make them more balanced and precise in use. The better quality of stainless steel they are now forged in than in the past makes them sharper and at the same time more resistant.

The transparent sheaths that protect the blades are now removable, to be cleaned more easily in case of need or even to be removed if a more minimalist aesthetic is sought.

The internal component system (patented) that slides the blades during insertion and then locks them firmly in position has been improved and recalibrated to work best with the new knives (attention! the system only works with the knives supplied; it is not possible to use the Voodoo/TheEx with other knives).

Materials: holder in ABS plastic, knives in stainless steel with satin finish 

Dimensions: height 41 cm (16.14 inches), width 24 cm (9.44 inches), depth 38 cm (14.96 inches)

Weight: 2.5kg (5.51 lbs)

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