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Voodoo/TheEx "Classic/Anniversary Edition" Knife Set - Spare Sheaths/Covers

Voodoo/TheEx "Classic/Anniversary Edition" Knife Set - Spare Sheaths/Covers

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Choose whether to use sheaths (to protect the blades) or hole covers (required to remove the sheaths).

The 2023 Voodoo/TheEx knife set is available both in the version with the knives in view and in the one equipped with transparent sheaths that protect the blades. The visible blades are certainly more attractive, but if you have children or pets it is strongly recommended to opt for the version with sheaths, in order to avoid possible accidents due to contact with the cutting parts.

You can easily switch from one version to another by mounting the right accessory in the back holes of the holder shaped like a stylized human figure. If you want to have the blades visible, you need to remove the sheaths and fit the covers for the holes, which allow the knives to slide and remain in position once they have been fully inserted. If, on the other hand, you want to protect the blades from any accidental contact, you need to remove the hole covers and fit the blade covers. The Voodoo/TheEx knife set cannot be used if one of the two accessories is not fitted, otherwise the knives would not stay in their position once inserted into the holder.

Both accessories, available here as spare parts, are made of transparent polycarbonate and are suitable for both the Classic Edition and the Anniversary Edition. They cannot be fitted to previous versions of the set, those produced from 2005 to 2014.

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